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Email Contacts

In the UID2 Portal, you can specify people from your organization whom we should notify for information about the latest updates and releases for UID2. You can set up individual email addresses, or reference an email group that you've set up internally to notify multiple individuals in your organization.

Adding email groups rather than individuals has these benefits:

  • It's an efficient way to keep multiple people notified without having to create a lot of individual entries.
  • You can manage the list externally, as part of managing your internal email configuration, outside the UID2 Portal.

Email contacts cannot log in to the UID2 Portal or modify the account. They only receive information notices. If an email contact wants to be removed, that action must be done by a team member.

Configuring Email Contacts

On the Email Contacts page, you can perform all activities relating to configuring individuals who should be notified about UID2 updates, including the following:

Add an Email Contact

Complete the following steps:

  1. Log in to your UID2 Portal account.
  2. On the Email Contacts page, click Add Email Contact.
  3. In the Add Email Contact window, provide the following information for the email contact:
    • Email Group Name: Provide one of the following:

      • For an individual: the name or role associated with the email address.
      • For an email group: a text name for the group. For example, Engineering.
    • Email Alias: Provide one of the following:

      • For an individual: an email address.
      • For a group: A valid email address for the group. For example,
    • Contact Type: Choose from the drop-down list of contact types. For example, choose Business or Technical.

  4. Click Save Email Contact. Your entry is added to the list.

For email contacts, no email confirmation is sent.

Edit Information for an Email Contact

To edit information for an email contact, find the contact on the list and then, in the Actions column, click the Edit icon (the Edit icon).

Update the information, and then save the changes.

Remove an Email Contact

To remove an email contact, follow these steps:

  1. Find the contact on the list and then, in the Actions column, click the Delete icon (the Delete icon).
  2. At the confirmation message, confirm deletion.