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Sharing UID2s: Use Cases

The secure sharing workflow allows you to share UID2s with trusted participants in many different ways. Depending on the route, you might send either raw UID2s or UID2 tokens.

For example, here are some scenarios where a sender wants to share raw UID2s or UID2 tokens with a receiver:

  • Tokenized sharing (sharing a UID2 token) examples:
  • Raw UID2 sharing (sharing a raw UID2) examples:
    • A measurement partner (sender) sends a raw UID2 to an advertiser (receiver) via Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) (see Raw UID2 Sharing).
    • A DSP (sender) sends a raw UID2 to an advertiser (receiver) via reporting (see Raw UID2 Sharing).

These scenarios, and others, are represented in the following diagram.

Illustration of Sharing Use Cases