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UID2 Portal: Overview

The UID2 Portal is your one-stop shop for setting up and configuring your UID2 account. In this self-serve portal, you can complete all basic setup steps for UID2 participation. Click through on the links for more information about each activity.

ActivityDocumentation Link
Request an account, configure basic account information such as name and location, log in for the first time, and reset your password.Getting Started with the UID2 Portal
Review your profile.Participant Information
Configure individual sharing participants or groups of sharing participants.Sharing Permissions
Add team members who will have permission to manage your account.Team Members
Set up designated email contacts who will be notified of news or updates.Email Contacts

Access the UID2 Portal

To get access to the portal, ask your UID2 contact for permission to create an account. Your contact will send you a link to get started.

Set Up Your Account

To set up your account, see Getting Started with the UID2 Portal.