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UID2 Portal Overview

The UID2 Portal is your one-stop shop for setting up and configuring your UID2 account. In this self-serve portal, you can complete all basic setup steps for UID2 participation. Click through on the links below for more information about each activity:

  • Request an account, configure basic account information such as name and location, and log in for the first time: see Getting Started with the UID2 Portal](/docs/portal/portal-getting-started).
  • Review your profile: see Participant Information.
  • Configure individual sharing participants or groups of sharing participants: see Sharing Permissions.
  • Add team members who will have permission to manage your account: see Team Members.
  • Set up designated email contacts who will be notified of news or updates: see Email Contacts.

You can also:

Access the UID2 Portal

To get access to the portal, ask your UID2 contact for permission to create an account. Your contact will send you a link to get started.

Set Up Your Account

To set up your account, see Getting Started with the UID2 Portal.