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UID2 GMA Plugin for iOS Integration Guide

The UID2 Google Mobile Ads (GMA) Plugin for iOS enables publishers that use the Google Mobile Ads (GMA) SDK to send UID2 tokens as secure signals in ad requests from iOS apps. This is done automatically, with no direct coding needed from the app developer.


This plugin simplifies integration with Google Mobile Ads (GMA) for any publishers who want to support UID2 for apps running on iOS devices.


This documentation is for the UID2 GMA Plugin for iOS version 0.3.0 or later.

GitHub Repository

This plugin is in the following open-source GitHub repository:


To run this plugin, install the following:

  1. Google Mobile Ads SDK v10.7.0 or later:
  2. UID2 SDK for iOS v0.3.0 or later:
  3. UID2 GMA Plugin for iOS v0.3.0


Prerequisite: Install the Google Mobile Ads SDK and the UID2 SDK for iOS.

Install the UID2 iOS GMA Plugin via Swift Package Manager or CocoaPods to an existing app with the UID2 SDK for iOS and the Google Mobile Ads SDK installed.

There are three installation options:

Installing with Package.swift

Add the following dependency to Package.swift:

dependencies: [
.package(url: "", exact: "0.3.0")

Installing with Xcode

In the XCode user interface, under Package Dependencies, add the following entry for your apps:

NameLocationDependency Rule Version: 0.3.0

Installing with CocoaPods

Add the following entry in your Podfile:

pod 'UID2GMAPlugin', '0.3.0'