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The following table lists all current testing and production environments for UID2.

EnvironmentCloud RegionCodeBase URL
Integration TestingAWS US East (Ohio)us-east-2
ProductionAutomatically optimized region routing via AWS Global Acceleratorn/a
ProductionAWS US East (Ohio)us-east-2
ProductionAWS US West (Oregon)us-west-2
ProductionAWS Asia Pacific (Sydney)ap-southeast-2
ProductionAWS Asia Pacific (Tokyo)ap-northeast-1
ProductionAWS Asia Pacific (Singapore)ap-southeast-1

For example,


  • All UID2 endpoints use the same base URL.
  • The integration environment and the production environment require different API keys.
  • The expiration time of the UID2 token returned by the POST /token/generate or POST /token/refresh endpoints is subject to change, but is always significantly shorter in the integration environment than it is in the production environment.