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UID2 API v2 Documentation


For upgrade instructions, see UID2 API v1 to v2 Upgrade Guide in GitHub.

For UID2 definitions, ID types, guiding principles, components, and other conceptual details, see Unified ID 2.0 Overview. For contact and license information, as well as normalization and hash encoding rules, see Getting Started.

For details on using the API, see the following pages.

DocumentationContent Description
Encrypting Requests and Decrypting ResponsesThe high-level request-response workflow for the UID2 APIs, requirements for encrypting requests and decrypting responses, and respective script examples in different programming languages.
EndpointsThe API reference for managing identity tokens and mapping email addresses, phone numbers, or hashes to their UID2s and salt bucket IDs used to generate the UID2s.
NOTE: The integration environment and the production environment require different API keys.
Integration GuidesThe UID2 integration workflows for UID2 participants, such as publishers, DSPs, advertisers, and data providers, as well as Operator Enterprise Partners, such as Microsoft Azure, AWS, and Snowflake.
SDKsLinks to documentation for using UID2 SDKs.