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sequenceDiagram participant U as User participant P as Publisher participant UID2 as UID2 Service participant SSP Note over U,SSP: 1. Establish Identity U->>+P: 1-a. The user visits a publisher asset. P->>-U: 1-b. The publisher provides transparency around its data practices. activate U U->>P: 1-c. The user authenticates and authorizes the creation of a UID2. deactivate U activate P P->>UID2: 1-d. The publisher sends the user's DII to the token generation service. deactivate P activate UID2 UID2->>P: 1-e. The token generation service returns UID2 tokens. deactivate UID2 activate P P->>U: 1-f. The publisher sets a UID2 for the user. deactivate P Note over U,SSP: 2. Bid Using UID2 Tokens

P->>SSP: 2-a. The publisher calls the SSP for ads using the UID2 token. activate SSP SSP->>P: 2-b. The SSP returns ads to display. deactivate SSP activate P P->>U: 2-c. The publisher displays the ads to the user. deactivate P

Note over U,SSP: 3. Refresh Tokens U->>UID2: 3-a. The SDK sends a request to refresh the UID2 using the refresh token. activate UID2 UID2->>U: 3-b. If a user hasn't opted out, the refresh token service returns new identity tokens. deactivate UID2 Note over U,SSP: 4. User Logout U->>P: 4-a. The user logs out from a publisher asset. activate P P->>U: 4-b. The user's identity clears. deactivate P